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Most people haven’t got the career success they richly deserve despite being smart, talented and hard-working. 

Our modern, practical strategies and tools help them to avoid years of pain, move to key leadership positions and command higher compensation.

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From the Author

“The current downtime is an important time to invest in yourself. It is an opportunity to chart a new career path that is uniquely yours. A path that excites you and energizes you.

Unlock! provides the 7 essential steps to not only weather this storm but to discover yourself in a new way, reimagine your career and lead your way to leadership success.”

Abhijeet Khadilkar

How can we help you?


Next Level Promotion

“I am stuck at my current level for a while and I would like to get promoted to a leadership position”



“I have been working in this space for too long, I need to move to an exciting new domain for career growth”


Find my next opportunity

“I would like to build a better brand and find a new career opportunity”

.04 Or Something else?

What can you expect?

Our promise is simple: this will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your professional life.

A personal transformation journey that takes you from creating a mindful strategy to executing on a leadership flywheel.

Develop a flexible career strategy that builds on your strengths and provides innovative career paths

Identify market trends early and ride those trends rather than bring impacted by them

Develop an executive presence and build your brand online with cutting edge tools

Leadership is not a title. Leadership is action. Develop the mindset and skillset to become the leader your aspire to be.

What Our Clients Say About Us

CareerTiger is an amazing resource. I got an exciting new opportunity in weeks!
Content Marketing Leader
Trust Abhijeet to come up with innovative and practical ideas for career leadership
Tech and Telecom Leader
You owe it to yourself to listen to Abhijeet's advice.
Cloud Product Manager

Virtual Speaking

Workshops and live events

Given the current situation, Abhijeet is helping companies and startups with keynotes and leadership workshops.


Delivered with strong data points and irreverent style, he covers topics ranging from Customer Experience, Value Management, Leadership coaching, Personal Branding and many others.


Click below to schedule time and explore how we can make your next team meeting even more successful.


Career Nation Show

The best career leadership advice, on your favorite platforms

Industry leaders to entrepreneurs share cutting edge career advice and keys to success on video and podcasts.


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About Abhijeet

Silicon Valley based Tech executive and Leadership coach

Abhijeet leads a SaaS startup, enterpriseCX. He is also an advisor to multiple startups.
Before this, he held several leadership roles at Cisco, Deloitte, and Cognizant.

In 2010, he founded CareerTiger, an online service that helps Tech professionals to level up their career and unlock their true potential.

He is an industry speaker, featured in print and online media. He is a mentor at Santa Clara University, Audvisor and other platforms.
Abhijeet lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wonderful wife, who is a teacher, and their two boys who are sports fanatics and aspiring Shark Tank participants.

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7 Steps to Transform Your Career and Realize Your Leadership Potential


7 Steps to Transform Your Career and Realize Your Leadership Potential