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Hello, I’m Abhi

A successful Tech executive in Silicon Valley and founder of CareerTiger.

Since 2009, thousands of business and technology professionals have achieved career transformation with my advice. The advice ranges from career strategy, a transition to a new domain, job hunting, or getting promotions that had seemed unattainable.

A completely different approach to career development

Real, tangible advice from a pro

I work in a real corporate job. And I learn, apply and improve career techniques on a daily basis. So my advice is *extremely* practical, relevant and cutting-edge.

Rather than getting management theories from experts that are not working in a real job, how about cutting through the BS to get advice that will accelerate your career starting right this very moment.

Career success with zero pedigree

I owe my career success to the following

  • Continuously learning cutting-edge skills
  • Career building techniques that I’ve discovered and honed over the years
  • Sheer hard work and strong work ethic
  • An amazing network, family, and friends
  • Patience 🙂

With zero pedigree.

I don’t have a top university degree. And when I immigrated to the US in the late 90s, I had ZERO network.

That’s right! If an immigrant with ordinary education and no network can build an amazingly successful career in Silicon Valley; you can surely hit it out of the park by learning these techniques.

I work for you

I give away 99% of my advice for free via videos, blog and speaking gigs. There is a no better work than one that helps people and the community. Helping others is noble, helping others with their careers is super noble.


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