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Episode 2: Career Nation Show with Karen Mangia, VP Customer Insights @Salesforce

Karen Mangia, VP Customer Insights @ SalesForce and author of “Success with Less” joins us in this episode of Career Nation Show to share some amazing career insights. Here are some of my favorite parts of the show 1. Karen’s career journey: “I did not choose a high tech career, a high tech career chose…

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Episode 1: Career Nation Show – Sheila Jordan, CIO @ Symantec

The first episode of Career Nation Show is here! Sheila Jordan, CIO of Symantec and author of “You are NOT ruining your kids” joins us to share her amazing career journey.  Here are my favorite parts of the interview: 1.    How a modern CIO bridges business and technology to create value 2.    Why Security is so critical…

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Here is a 4 part framework to ROCK at your new job

The first 90 days of any new job are super important. You have done much hard work to get here.You’ve gone through a grueling job search process. You’ve gone through multiple interviews. You have negotiated a great offer and start date. You’ve landed this job. Or maybe you moved into a new role in the same…

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How to deal with office politics and emerge as a true leader

Office politics is everywhere: a big company, medium-sized company, or a small company. And this is to across industries and geographies. You can’t ignore office politics Companies are made up of human beings. And where there are human beings, there will always be politics. Will the future world of AI and robots have zero politics?…

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Take your job performance to the next level with these four steps (+bonus material) to

The average job performance review process creates more negativity than a positive work environment. There are multiple reasons for that and mismatch in expectations is one of them. But you are here to be a CareerTiger, not just another ordinary clock-punching employee. So here four steps to take your job performance to the next level. Plus…

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Five great reasons why becoming a parent helps you to become a better leader

Parenting is a significant milestone for everyone. Becoming a parent is such a special time in your life. When you become a parent, it’s a major milestone event. And for some us, it might even create a break in career. Many times, it’s more challenging for women, rather than men. At the same time, it…

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How to manage your manager: 7 unwritten rules to managing your boss

“What? I have to manage my manager?!!!” I know managing your own manager sounds ridiculous. Even scary. But it is very helpful for your career trajectory. Let me break it down for you. Why should you manage your Manager? One of the most important relationships at a job, is your relationship with your manager. In…

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How to hack your commute to get ahead in your career

Commute sucks: it eats up energy, focus and most importantly, time which leaves us with less opportunity to be productive and successful at work. Commute also comes with variables that add to the drama. Traffic snarls. Train delays. Bad weather. Ugh. via GIPHY Time: our most valuable and non-renewable resource If you work from home,…

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Here is how to build a great professional network in 10 easy steps; Bonus: activate and Nurture your network

How can you grow your professional network? First, do you think a professional network is important? Let me reference one of my favorite quotes: your network drives your net worth. Let me repeat that. Your network drives your net worth. Your network drives your net worth As you grow in your career, your network is going…

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How to become a highly paid professional

Success in the workplace is frequently determined by through terms like influence, credibility, gravitas as well as hard data like title, compensation. Every one of us is interested in becoming a professional who’d be in demand in the industry and also, by effect, the highest paid professional in an area, domain or company. If we…