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Business Transformation Represents New Opportunities in Saas and Cloud. Know-How to Grab it

One question I get a lot is, “I’m an industry expert, how do I get into SaaS and Cloud.” The answer is right in front of you. As you know, the software is eating the world. This means industries are just going through massive digital transformation, whether it’s healthcare, financial services, manufacturing. This is not just like a digital transformation or changing the technology.

This is a fundamental business transformation, a business model transformation. And that’s why this represents a massive career pivot point and an opportunity for so many industry experts, domain experts, management consultants out there. Because you’ve wanted for so long to ride on the SaaS and Cloud wave. You wanted to get into that business.

Growing fast, disrupting everything

It’s a high growth business, and it’s disrupting everything. On the other hand, a lot of these companies that are in the SaaS and Cloud business who are trying to address those industries, they want industry expertise. So, it’s a match made in heaven. Those companies that are disrupting specific industries like FinTech and HealthTech, they want industry expertise. They want industry experts like you. And you are looking to get into the SaaS wave.

This is setting us up for a match made in heaven. You need to figure out who are the companies that are trying to get into those particular industries. And then, you can pivot to a SaaS or Cloud career. And it’s not a hard pivot. You are taking all of your industry expertise and applying that to the service of solving specific problems in your industries using SaaS and Cloud capabilities.