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Here is a 4 part framework to ROCK at your new job

The first 90 days of any new job are super important. You have done much hard work to get here.You’ve gone through a grueling job search process. You’ve gone¬†through multiple interviews. You have negotiated a great offer and start date. You’ve landed this job. Or maybe you moved into a new role in the same…

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How to deal with office politics and emerge as a true leader

Office politics is everywhere: a big company, medium-sized company, or a small company. And this is to across industries and geographies. You can’t ignore office politics Companies are made up of human beings. And where there are human beings, there will always be politics. Will the future world of AI and robots have zero politics?…

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Take your job performance to the next level with these four steps (+bonus material) to

The average job performance review process creates more negativity than a positive work environment. There are multiple reasons for that and mismatch¬†in expectations is one of them. But you are here to be a CareerTiger, not just another ordinary clock-punching employee. So here four steps to take your job performance to the next level. Plus…