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Communication Changes Heart and Mind

Leaders drive change. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve, to create, and to build – improve the situation, to create new ideas, and to build new solutions. 

In other words, leaders like you, are never satisfied with the status quo. And they just want to make things better. In the process of driving this change, it is important to think about how to communicate this change effectively so that you can recruit your colleagues to be part of this change. Because if you want to go further, you have to go together as a team. 

In order to communicate this effectively, we must win others’ hearts as well as their minds. Zig Ziglar once said, “Logic makes people think and emotions make people act.” Neuroscience has proven that human beings respond to emotions first while intellect and logic come second. So your argument should be able to strike a chord emotionally first. It must appeal to what your audience cares about. They should be able to see some of their own values in the mission that you’re sharing. 

Once you’ve shared that heart-based engagement, follow that up with the mind-based argument. This is where you share the business case. Share the strong data points for your case and then intellectually show how (and why) this is the right thing to do. 

This is how leaders can communicate and drive the change – by connecting with the heart and convincing with the mind.