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Demonstrate Performance for the Next Level to Get Promoted

Most people or coaches are interested in moving to the next level. They want to accept higher levels of responsibilities and create more value. That’s great because the world needs more ambitious and passionate leaders. But then the conversation quickly turns to promotion; getting to the next level.

There are many parts to this answer. But here are some of the most important and simplest part:

You get promoted by demonstrating performance at the next level. Let’s say you are a Director. You want to make it to the Vice President. You should demonstrate through your actions, results, and your personal branding that you are already growing as a VP.

In fact, the demonstration of your performance should be so strong that people should be already assuming you to be the next Vice President. Before that, there are a couple of things that need to happen. 

First is that you should already be doing a great job at your current level. Next is for you to understand what the expectations of that next level are. Once you understand what those expectations are, it becomes clear what you need to do in order to achieve that promotion. 

Demonstrate performance at the next level with your action, with your results, and with your branding.