Episode 5: Career Nation Show with Jonathan Copulsky, CMO, Board Member, Northwestern University Faculty

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Jonathan Copulsky joins us in the next episode of Career Nation Show. He is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte, co-author of The Technology Fallacy and faculty member at NorthWestern University.

This video only has the first 10 minutes; catch the entire episode on YouTube: or podcast https://bit.ly/2Sf3XBF

Here are some highlights from the discussion

1. Jonathan’s career journey

2. What’s the role of marketing in a new subscription-centric world where customers will “try and buy” new products

3. How customer make certain ‘habits’ over a period of time and how marketers can make customers change their habits

4. His favorite marketing and branding stories

5. Favorites game: Jonathan’s favorite app, favorite book, 

6. How to view career as sets of skills and experience rather than jobs helps us to navigate better

7. How he prepares for critical meetings and big presentations; and how watching others present helps him

8. How to learn: how to learn from others, how to use post action reports and how to learn fast

You grab a copy of his book at: https://amzn.to/2JvQVgt 

Books referenced in this episode:

  1. Power of Habit
  2. Crossing the Chasm
  3. Competing against luck (Jobs to be done)
  4. Bad Blood
  5.  Customer Loyalty is Overrated