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Episode 8: Career Nation Show with Cody Miller

As we make onward and upward progress in our careers, let’s not forget how important physical fitness is to sustain our professional growth.

Cody Miller is a Fitness Professional and Certified Personal Trainer with past experience working with the San Francisco 49ers. And he now trains Tech folks in Silicon Valley.

Cody drops several amazing nuggets in this episode

  • Fitness is a journey not a destination
  • Confusing your body: how this concept will help to build body fitness
  • How making small change can have dramatic effects on your body; for example changing the weights or changing the number of reps slightly
  • His recommended weekly plan that includes active recovery
  • Why word diet sounds like a restriction, we should call it “fuel” 
  • Why Cody shops only at the perimeter of store to plan his food intake
  • Why fad diets are not useful; nutrients and portions are important
  • Why he recommends standing position for using weights and machines
  • His favorites: app, quote, and most importantly his favorite restaurant