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Establishing Currency Will Build Your Professional Network

One of the ways to build your brand within the organization is by creating currency. No, we’re not talking about the Federal Reserve. Let’s say you help executive A and provide some value. Then you’ve built currency with that person, and you’ve made a small currency deposit.

Building Network Internally and Externally

Over time, you can build currency with many people within as well as outside of your organization. Here are some ways for you to create that currency with others. 

  1. Respond to requests for help. You may come across emails, text messages, or IMs across your organization, asking for help. They may be asking, “Hey, can you help me with this task / this activity / this project?” That’s your opportunity to throw your hat in the ring and say, “Yes, I would love to help with that.”
  2. Help even if you are not being asked for help. Sometimes you can ask the question, “How can I help?” Your colleagues will appreciate your proactiveness.
  3. Ask for help. Asking for help creates currency because it provides others an opportunity to contribute. It gives others a chance to demonstrate their expertise, and it helps them shine a light on their brand. You are thus creating currency for others even though it’s you that’s asking for help.

Establishing currency with others is a great way to develop your brand and build your professional network internally and externally. Start small but keep placing those strategic bets over a while. They will not only grow but also compound over time.

One plus one equals three because you took the time to place those bets, and you established that currency.