Career strategy

3X your job performance with these five powerful steps from top athletes

As leaders, many of us are thinking about improving our job performance, taking it to the next level, and optimizing our professional productivity.

And we are often working on challenging, and seemingly impossible projects.

It feels very similar to being an athlete.

Here are five rules that we can learn from athletes for us to become better even better and high performing leaders.


The first one is about training. And this is about building competency. A competency is something which is, you have your skill, and you get to experience that skill, and that becomes a competency. And this is the part where you constantly are training so that you develop a better competency.


The second piece is about the mindset. Having the right mindset for performance, and this is a combination of many things like gratitude. And it’s also about helping others and making sure that your mindset is tuned to creating value for others. And those folks might be stakeholders, your customers, your team, your organization, etc.


The third one is about getting in the flow for maximum performance. And this is a state that many scientists have been researching over the years. It is in terms of how to get human beings to a state of flow where they can create maximum performance.

It is said that our consciousness, which is on the frontal lobe of our brains, has a bandwidth of 120 bits per second. So how can we maximize that bandwidth so we can focus on the right things and deliver maximum performance? That’s the way how athletes achieve flow, and they achieve maximum performance, and it’s very similar, holds true for leaders as well. And at work, we should figure out how do we maximize flow. So that was the third one.

Nutrition and exercise

The fourth one is around diet and exercise. And this is about eating the right things and doing all the proper work so that you can fuel your performance with energy and always maintain that level of energy that you have.


Last but not least is about rest. And you have to recover after you’ve delivered a great performance. You have to recover, you have to reenergize, and you have to recuperate.


And those are the five things: training, mindset, focus, exercise, and rest; that are so essential for all of us to be at the top of our game as leaders.