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Five great reasons why becoming a parent helps you to become a better leader

Parenting is a significant milestone for everyone. Becoming a parent is such a special time in your life. When you become a parent, it’s a major milestone event.

And for some us, it might even create a break in career. Many times, it’s more challenging for women, rather than men.

At the same time, it creates many advantages. Becoming a parent can be helpful from a career perspective. Let me explain why.

#1 Parental leave provides an opportunity for introspection

Number on is, it helps you take stock of your career. When you just become a parent, you’re taking some time off from work; you get a chance to do some introspection and become more self-aware. Do a check-in with yourself, regarding what are you doing with your career? Whether you like your trajectory or not? Whether you like the work or not? Do you want to explore other things in your job?

#2 You (automatically) become a coach

Even if you’ve passed that milestone, and you are in parenting mode. Because, for example, you start to understand how to become a coach and a teacher. What does that mean regarding career?

Hey look, in our jobs, a lot of times, whether it’s your team, or other teams, a lot of times, you are providing coaching, and you are teaching other people. There is an art to doing that. That art, you can learn, when you have kids. Because when you’re taking care of your kids, you are providing them coaching, you are providing them some teaching.

#3 Building empathy and EQ

Working with kids, also helps you to build empathy and emotional quotient. So you start to understand things from a different perspective, and you begin to relate to that, and you start to understand how they may be thinking this way. That’s a very important thing, as you work in different areas, to build that empathy, especially in customer service. If you’re directly talking to customers or stakeholders, it’s helpful to have that empathy and EQ.

#4 Managing your time

We sure do become better managing time. When you’re taking care of your kids, there’s a lot of time, and attention that goes into that. Therefore, you have to figure out how to manage your time with the rest of things that you need to get done. This time management practice forces you to become more effective. That’s one of the perks of being a parent; you start to manage your time better.

#5 You learn how to negotiate 🙂

Then, last, but not the least, you learn how to negotiate. Kids are tough negotiators. So if you want to understand, and build that muscle of negotiation, this is an excellent opportunity for you to exercise that negotiating muscle.

Although, I must admit, many of the times, I struggle to negotiate successfully with my kids. But that’s another topic, for another day.

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