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How to Build Professional Relationships When You Work Remotely

You must be enjoying it if you’re working remotely. You have more flexibility, no commute, and can use your time more effectively. At the same time though, you do miss out on the hallway conversations – on the general chit chat which is so important in developing interpersonal relationships as well as to build your professional network over a period of time.

Here are some hacks that can help you develop a great network even if you work remotely.

Establish Informal Chat Channels

The first thing is to make sure you establish informal chat channels. Make sure you have your one-on-ones. Or at least make sure you’re touching base with people on instant messenger or on Slack.

Use Slack to be Part of Informal Communities

If you don’t have informal communities in your company’s Slack, then you must create one. This can be an informal community based on certain common topics of interest.

Go to the Office

I know, this is precisely what you’ve been trying to avoid. But make sure you go to the office from time to time. And especially if you can time it for around specific events, you will meet more people. This increases your chance of being kept in the loop.

Meet Other Professionals

Another hack is to get into coworking spaces or coffee shops where you can potentially meet other professionals. Outside of work you can attend local meetups or attend local industry events. This will keep you updated about the current trends in the industry and help you broaden your professional network.


Finally, you could volunteer for a really good cause where you will meet like-minded people. This is another great way to build your network. 

These steps will help you connect and engage with your peers, your colleagues, and of course with people who share your values. And it will help you build your professional network even though you might be working remotely. You could really have the best of both worlds.