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Key to Climbing the Right Corporate Wall for a Successful Career

You are a leader. You are climbing the corporate ladder, taking advantage of all the opportunities that are coming your way, and are making the most of those opportunities. You’re moving onto juicy roles within your company or in different companies. 

That’s phenomenal. Good for you. Great job. Keep going.

As you are on this journey, it never hurts to pause and reflect on the corporate ladder that you’re climbing. Where does it lead? What’s going to be the ultimate destination? Here are some things that you may want to think about as you climb this ladder. 

1. What are you learning on this journey? 

2. What is the nature of the professional network that you are building? 

3. Are your personal values aligned with this corporate ladder and the destination of this ladder?

If the answers to these questions are satisfactory to you, go right ahead. Continue on your path to world domination. 

But if for some reason, these answers are not satisfactory to you, it might be time to take your ladder and put it on a different wall, a wall that is more aligned to your values. It helps you to learn and grow in the areas that you want to grow in. It’s time to take your ladder to a different wall.