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The #1 way to learn new skill and fast track your career growth

We all know that one of the keys to career growth is to continuously learn new skills. It is a career superpower.

People that can’t learn can’t survive in the modern workplace.

So how can we learn new skills quickly? Is there a hack?

Learning through audio or visual

Many people learn through audio. For example, you might be listening to some audio, maybe it’s a podcast, and you might be doing other things, but you’re always understanding the topic that’s going on, and you’re learning. Another one is watching videos. So, you are watching a video or hearing this audio, and you are learning. Those are great ways to learn.

Learning by doing

However, the best way to learn, which is great leaders have figured this out, is called kinesthetics. It is learning by doing. So, let me explain that. When we perform activities, that’s the maximum learning we get. So, when we are doing things with our hands, we are performing those tasks. That’s when our learning is at the maximum.

So, if your domain is programming or sales or marketing, the best way to learn is not just to listen and watch videos, which is great, and that’s helpful.

But apply those lessons and apply those concepts in real life. Do it, practice it, and review it. That is how we learn quickly and efficiently.

Let’s say we want to pick up communication skills, right? And then you can take a few classes, watch a few videos online, but soon you should be implementing them.

So, for example, you could be looking at opportunities to speak. Maybe you start with a small setting. Perhaps it’s just your core team, and then you speak there.

Then you review yourself, and pretty much, then you start addressing the whole team or a collection of teams or the entire organization.

That’s how you build up the muscle, a new muscle in terms of learning.

So, when you are trying to get into a zone of learning, try to figure out the things that I’m learning, the concepts that I’m learning, the key lessons, how do I implement them and what are the opportunities to implement them.

That’s the excellent leadership hack for learning new skills and adding them to your T-shaped skillset.