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Learn the Industry Language to Establish as Domain Experts

Leaders not only have great leadership capabilities but also are knowledgeable in areas where they have domain expertise. This expertise provides leaders a bedrock, a foundation for more capabilities. And it provides differentiation for them from a personal branding standpoint.

Here is a way to develop that expertise. Figure out what is the language (the terminology) that’s being used in your industry (the domain area). Every industry has a unique language, a unique set of terms. Understand that language deeply, make it your own and make sure you’re applying that language every day, so that you can establish fluency on that topic.

Be Fluent in the Language of Your Industry

For Tech, for example, it could be things like multitenant, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, churn rate, etc. In a healthcare setting, it could be different. It could be about HL7, peer provider, and benefits management, among others.

These are just some of the basic terms. You must understand the terminology in a way that you become fluent in it. The richer your language becomes, the better you can communicate, the better you can establish your expertise, and the more influential you become from an industry standpoint.

Learn the language and the terminology in your industry to establish yourself as a leader, that not only has great leadership capabilities but also has domain expertise.