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Quick summary of the book

What if there was a template you could follow to map your career success in these disruptive times?

The world is filled with smart, talented, and hardworking people whose careers get stuck. Are you feeling like one of them?

Despite what most career self-help books would tell you, getting unstuck is about more than motivation. For the past decade, Silicon Valley executive and leadership coach Abhijeet Khadilkar has been helping some of the most driven, entrepreneurial and creative people in the world to unlock their potential and accelerate their careers. In this book, he reveals what it really takes to find your own North Star for personal growth. 

Unlock! is filled with templates, guides and a framework for the seven crucial steps anyone can use to unlock their potential as a leader, even during a recession (or a global pandemic). From a guide to learning how to take advantage of market trends to advice on how to build on your existing strengths, the insights in this book will help you start turning the flywheel of career growth to create value for your organization, community, AND yourself.

Written in an easy-to-access style, Unlock! includes strategies, work examples, and practical exercises as well as reflections useful at any stage of your career. The path to building a more fulfilling career is ahead, and this book is the guide you need to unlock your true leadership potential. 

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Key Themes

Why you have should aim for a Leadership career

What is the ‘invisible Leadership switch’ and how to turn it on

How to get into the right mindset

How to identify and ride market trends

How to develop personal branding online

How to set in motion a Flywheel that gives you compounded returns for your career

How to put in place Goals + System to drive career growth

Who is this book for?

This book is ideal for professionals looking to

  • make an impact
  • move to a new domain or area
  • get promoted
  • move to a new role
  • build new skills
  • Get job security
  • find a better work environment
  • get a better work life balance

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Author LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/khadilkar/

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What people are saying

“If you believe that your career growth is your #1 job, do yourself a favor and pick up this book.”

Jonathan Copulsky, former CMO, Deloitte Consulting and faculty member, Northwestern University

“I highly recommend you read Unlock!”

Johanna Lyman, CEO of Next Gen Orgs and President of Bay Area Chapter of Conscious Capitalism

Must read! When Abhijeet gives you advice, you listen. 

Aashish Chandorkar, leading Management Consulting, Columnist and Bestselling author of “The Fadnavis Years”

“A very practical, seven-step approach to define your personal strategy – and execute it to become the leader you are meant to be.”

Alejandro Danylyszyn, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

“Abhijeet has continued to strive for doing not only what’s best for business but also his leadership skills have taught him to bring out the best in his team.”

Joe Pinto, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Pure Storage

“Investing in yourself always pays off, Unlock! is your career investment tool. “

Tom Berghoff, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience at Cisco

“Abhijeet has always walked the talk, and in Unlock! he takes his life and career lessons into an easy to read, usable and valuable resource as a way of giving back to the community, especially in these disruptive times.”

Danis Yadegar, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Managing Partner at WeMax Innovation Capital and former CEO, Arsin Corp

“An invaluable read for anyone looking to get more out of their career, regardless of what stage they may be at.”

Kaushik Bhaumik, PhD, Angel investor, former EVP at Cognizant Technology Solutions and Management Consultant