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Pattern Interrupt – to Solve Work Repetition

Imagine your typical workday. 

You get ready, commute to work, and you walk into the office. You got meetings, assignments, work, projects, products, customers, employees, colleagues, and so much more to take care of. And once you get done with the day, you commute back, rinse and repeat for the next day.

This pattern continues and over a period of time, it probably becomes repeatable. And if it becomes too monotonous, then atrophy sets in and your creativity starts to diminish. 

What should be done when you detect this?

Be prepared for a pattern interrupt when you see these symptoms appear for the very first time. A pattern interrupt is a way to disrupt the repeated nature of your work with an activity or an event. It must be something so extreme that it will break you free of those repeated work cycles. 

These activities could be anything from going on a long hike to something way more adventurous. Or at work, you can have off-sites that involve intense team activities that break this pattern. 

When you do these types of a pattern interrupt, you will make some drastic changes – both physical and mental. And this unlocks changes within you so that it creates more productivity. It fires up your neurons for more creativity, and it gives you more ideas and opportunities to have more innovation in the workplace.