Recommended books

Recommended Financial products

One of the keys to having a successful career is being able to manage our finances. There are so many products to choose from. I have used and got my hands burnt with some of them.

Let me help you cut through the BS by highlighting only the most dependable products that I personally use.

  • CIT Bank CD rate: FDIC insured CDs that pay higher than the market rate. Safe money making.
  • Esurance: Reduce insurance costs by shopping. Now backed by giant Allstate.
  • Personal Capital: the best financial tracker of your net worth, budget and retirement bar none.
  • RealtyShares: diversify investments by investing in properties across the United States
  • Wealthfront: the original ‘robo advisor’, Wealthfront is a great way to simplify investing, get cutting-edge automatic investing at super low cost


I [stag_icon icon=”heart” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”no” style=”fas”] books!

I am a huge fan of physical books and I do frequent the local Pleasanton library whenever I get a chance. If you see me there, please do stop by and say hello! 🙂

These days, I also like to carry my Kindle around to make sure I don’t miss an opportunity to read or listen.

Here are my most favorite career and business related books. I go to them for knowledge and reference; I hope you will like them.