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Episode 7: Career Nation Show with Shreesha Ramdas; CEO Strikedeck / SVP @ Medallia

“Customer Success will be an even bigger opportunity than marketing automation”. Shreesha Ramdas joins us in Ep 7 of the Career Nation Show. He was the CEO of Strikedeck, a Customer Success SaaS platform, and now SVP at Medallia after the acquisition. Shreesha is a successful serial entrepreneur and shares many nuggets during the show…

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Episode 3: Career Nation Show with Joe Pinto, Chief Customer Officer @ Pure Storage

The legendary Joe Pinto, Chief Customer Officer @ Pure Storage joins in this episode of Career Nation Show.  John Chambers once said (I’m paraphrasing): I have not seen any leader reinvent himself more times than Joe Pinto. Joe shares some amazing nuggets; • How customer experience is all about the lifecycle and how services plays a…