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The Best Time to Start Something New is Now

It is your favorite project, your favorite topic. You’ve always wanted to work on it. Maybe it’s the blog that you wanted to start. Or that book you wanted to write. Or perhaps it’s that app you wanted to develop. But it has been sitting in your mental shelf for a long, long time. Because you’ve been waiting.

You’ve been waiting for things to be perfect or for the market to be ready or for your stakeholders, your customers to be ready. Or maybe you’re looking for other people’s approval. However, unknowingly you paid a pretty penny for all of this waiting. You paid a massive price because you’ve been waiting for too long.

Waiting will cost you

The inspiration for that project has gone. Or the more the market has moved to a different place. Or the customers have moved on to this new shiny object. How many times have you seen something come across your desk or on your phone or your device, and you’ve seen that, and you’ve thought to yourself, “You know, I had thought of this exact idea? I wish I had done something about it.”

Well, here’s the deal. You have the opportunity to start. Because the price of starting is way lower because even if you know you wait and you’re waiting for all the lights to turn green, you still need to make that start, right? Even if everything’s not perfect, you still have to make that start. Because the price of waiting is much, much, much higher than the price of starting. Don’t wait, just start.