Unlock! Media Kit

Unlock! Media Kit

Everything you need to know and share about Unlock!


01. Release dates

eBook format July 5th 2020

Hardcover format July 31st 2020

02. About the book

  • Quick summary of Unlock
  • Key Themes from the book
  • Sample chapters [download]
  • Book cover hi res picture [download]
  • Author bio [download]
  • Author hi res picture [download]
  • Social media pages for CareerTiger and Unlock!
  • Request a hardcover copy

03. How to buy and gift your friends

  • Detailed presentation [Launch team preso]
  • How to buy on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble and other leading retailers
  • How to gift: sample message to send to your friends
  • How to write an online review on Amazon and other sites

04. Social media: what to share and how to share

  • Social media messages and key links to share 
  • Excerpts for key demographics

Here is a simple statement to describe Unlock! to your friends

“Unlock! is a modern and practical career leadership guide for navigating disruptive times”

Quick Summary of Unlock!

What if there was a template you could follow to map your career success in these disruptive times?

The world is filled with smart, talented, and hardworking people whose careers get stuck. Are you feeling like one of them?

Despite what most career self-help books would tell you, getting unstuck is about more than motivation. For the past decade, Silicon Valley executive and leadership coach Abhijeet Khadilkar has been helping some of the most driven, entrepreneurial and creative people in the world to unlock their potential and accelerate their careers. In this book, he reveals what it really takes to find your own North Star for personal growth. 

Unlock! is filled with templates, guides and a framework for the seven crucial steps anyone can use to unlock their potential as a leader, even during a recession (or a global pandemic). From a guide to learning how to take advantage of market trends to advice on how to build on your existing strengths, the insights in this book will help you start turning the flywheel of career growth to create value for your organization, community, AND yourself.

Written in an easy-to-access style, Unlock! includes strategies, work examples, and practical exercises as well as reflections useful at any stage of your career. The path to building a more fulfilling career is ahead, and this book is the guide you need to unlock your true leadership potential. 

Key Themes from the Book


Transforms from merely working to leading successfully.


Take advantage of market opportunities rather than being impacted by them


Create an authentic and influential personal brand online as well as offline


Define bold goals and put in place a consistent system to achieve and overachieve those goals


Invest in your career to create massive long term growth not just short term wins


Create value for your organization, your community and yourself

Download sample chapters

Unlock! book cover hi-res picture

Author Bio

Author Picture

Social Media: What to share and how to share

Here are some messages that you can use to share on social media

Hashtag to use: #UnlockTheBook 


Please feel free to tag Abhijeet Khadilkar and CareerTiger accounts on any of the social media platforms.

Here is a list of social media accounts that you can tag:

Messages and visuals to share

Before Sunday July 5th [Launch date for Unlock! Kindle version]

Sample Message (feel free to edit and use): “Looking forward to the launch of Unlock! the modern career leadership guide for navigating disruptive times! #UnlockTheBook @[Author] @[CareerTiger]”

Launch Team Presentation

Help friends during COVID times. Make an impact in your community!

Preso includes detailed steps of how to buy multiple copies of Unlock! to your friends

How to buy and gift on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other retailers

Instructions to buy multiple books on Amazon Kindle

Buy multiple Kindle books and send to friends right during ordering (if you have everyone’s email)

LINKHow to buy multiple Kindle books


After ordering, download the spreadsheet from Amazon to send books as unique links to friends

LINKHow to send books to friends

Access links below to purchase

Amazon Kindle

Apple Books

Barnes and Noble

Rakuten Kobo

Sample messages to share when you gift your friends a copy of Unlock!

Sample message 1

Hey [Name], here is a copy of Unlock! as a gift from me to you. It comes highly recommended as modern and practical career leadership guide for navigating disruptive times.

Sample message 2

Hi [Name], here is a gift from me to you. Hope you enjoy Unlock!, the modern career leadership guide. 

Sample message 3

Hi [Name], I would like to share a copy of Unlock! as a gift from me to you. Enjoy!

Write an Amazon review

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love to get your feedback on Unlock!  Download our quick guide to writing an Amazon review.

Quotes from the book

Quotes that you can use on social media with acknowledgements.

“Your career growth is your job #1”

“If you don’t tell your story the way you want it, others will make up a story about you. And you may not like it.”

“Leadership is not a title. Leadership is action.”

“Working with a purpose helps leaders generate the energy and excitement required to overcome adversity and ensure success. “

“A problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

“Run toward problems, and not away from them.”
“Leadership starts with self-awareness.”

“Triple down on your strengths”

“It requires a conscious effort to build your personal brand. “
“You deal with negative feedback by owning it. “

“Exceeding expectations is how you go from a mediocre performer to an outstanding performer. “

“Focusing in a constantly distracted world is a superpower. “

“listen intently and be transparent”

“Adapt to accommodate dynamic trends and lead the change; rather than be impacted by the change”

“Build your career stack not only by listening and observing, but also by doing”

“The best meeting is the meeting does not happen 🙂 “

“Time is the most important non- renewable resource that you have at your disposal. “

“Start building your network before you need your network. “

“Your network drives your net worth. “

“The ability to reinvent is critical, actually mandatory, for a healthy and long career. “

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

If you are planning to interview Abhijeet, here are some questions that you may want to include in the interview

  1. What prompted you to write the book? What was the inspiration?
  1. Well that was a great story how you started the book journey, but if we dig deeper, what problems are people facing that you are trying to solve?
  1. What makes Unlock! unique? What should one expect from the book?
  1. In the book, you mention about goals and systems. How do you do you see those working with each other? Is it goals vs systems?
  1. The market landscape is constantly changing. How does Unlock! help to deal with constantly changing business environment and technologies?
  1. What challenges do you see technology people face? For example, I see many smart people that had a hard time to communicate their ideas and concepts.
  1. What does the current pandemic mean for our us? How can people take advantage of Unlock during these unprecedented times?
  1. What’s your view on representation of women and diversity in leadership roles?
  1. Do you have any advice for people that are fearing job loss or who have lost their jobs?