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Your job is BORING! But why?

Do you find your current job boring? A lack of interest happens to any job over some time. It’s natural. However, before you take any extreme steps, it’s crucial to figure out what the root cause might be and how we can solve this problem.

Here are the root causes:

  1. You are not learning anything new

Your learning has stagnated. That means, since you’re not getting any fresh input, you may feel like hitting a plateau, which will force you to do something else.

  1. You are not being challenged

This means your abilities are not being stretched. The muscles that are in your professional body are fully not being exercised. Your growth as a professional is again, plateauing or stagnating. 

  1. Your work relationships need some improvement

Maybe there have been some changes in your organization, or maybe things have not really gone right with some of your colleagues, peers, boss, or higher-ups. It is time for you to look into those relationships and figure out what needs to be done.

  1. You are not able to see a clear career path for yourself in your current job

It happens in organizations where you get stuck in a particular role, and you are not able to see where you want to take your career next. And you might likely be feeling some of that. And so, it might help to have a conversation with a mentor and see what kind of career paths would be available to you moving forward in the future. 

  1. Your area of work is not aligned to your values

This sometimes becomes a big issue. And this creates a cultural rift between the individual and the organization. So it might be an excellent time to understand if you have a clear view of the values of your organization. It might be useful to have a conversation with your HR to thoroughly understand the values that your organization is really after from a cultural standpoint and make sure that those are aligned to you.

Lack of interest happens when any one of these or more of these are not aligned. But each of these things is fixable, and there might be many options to solve each one of them. But the starting point is to understand the problem before we start solving the problem. 

Now, maybe the way to address this would be to solve these multiple problems, but if any of these problems seem untenable and unsolvable, and if you’re not able to find a path, then definitely it’s time to look somewhere else. But give it a shot. In terms of figuring out what problems need to be solved so that you can get back to getting more traction in your job. And not only gaining traction but exiting expectations and doing a great job with your job performance.